Unplugged, an à la carte design


“Intimate and close like an acustic concert, Otaduy Unplugged is the direct version of our designs.” That’s the way Carolina, the designer of the firm, describes Otaduy’s new service, in which she creates a wedding dress specifically for you.

This dress design so specifically for you, thou it maintains the alternative and romantic spirit of Otaduy’s collections, carries with it a characteristic that makes my heart beat faster, at least to me: it’s exclusive. It’s design exclusively for me.


Personally, I’ve always felt close and attracted towards costum-fitted garments, because, even through revolutions, like the French one that was caused partly because of Queen Marie Antoinette’s crazy love for enormous dresses made specially for her by her couturier Rose Bertin (The first couturier ever, by the way) and the arrival of prêt a porter, has managed to survive and re invent itself through time. Now a days maybe Frederick Wolf, the father of Haute Couture as we know it, doesn’t ring any bells, but I’m sure all know Yves Saint Laurant, Dior, Balenciaga, Schiaparelli and the list could go on.. all of this firms that are now run by boards and modern designers were once directed by couturiers that defined fashion history and set the rules of haute couture as we know it.

Today’s post was to tell you about our new service and wake up your curiosity, but I got caught up in a small history class and making evident my delirium for haute couture. For more information don’t hesitate to reach to us at unplugged@otaduy.co



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