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It’s not just another love story.

It’s your love story: imperfect, special, not what you had imagined and, in fact, far better than you expected.

And here you are. The big day has arrived and everybody is here. The people you love. The people who love you.

And, of course, as nervous as you are, that one person who has made it all worthwhile. You want them to look at you and think exactly that: that it was all worth it. But, more importantly, you want them to look at you. You. Not a cold dummy, not a girl locked into a pompous wedding gown, or the woman that your parents expect you to be.

Just you. In your own version of the princess bride: light and delicate. Or maybe like the wild child you are: rebellious, elegant, mischievous…

Yes, you can wear whatever you want: a white dress and leather boots, or plaits and a flower crown. You can wear satin or a lacy dress, an open-backed dress or black nail varnish.

It is your day. You make the rules. Or better yet, you both make the rules. Because this is a tale of two people. A story that started with the first I love you and now continues with that I do.

Like most good things in life, it’s a bit frightening, but you also know that it’s always worth taking the risk.


Carolina Otaduy was born in San Sebastian but has been living and working in Barcelona for years now. These two cities open to the sea have shaped Carolina’s life and work, although her restless nature has inspired her to travel around the world and to live in New York, where she came up with the idea to launch her own bridal fashion firm: Otaduy.

With her highly personal aesthetical universe, which combines the non-conformist spirit of grunge with an appreciation for beauty in all its shapes and forms and the ability to detect the latest trends, Carolina has always stood out for her creativity. After studying advertising and working at an indie music producer for years (music is one of her great passions), she launched Otaduy in 2011. Through this highly personal project she, as a designer, has created her own world imbued with her sensitivity and bravery, her search for calm and fascination with risk. She loves surfing and yoga, nature and the beating hearts of cities, and her designs, like her, are full of nuance and created with strong yet sensitive women in mind.


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