Handmade with love

Our wedding dresses are handcrafted in our workshop. Each of them involves a great ritual: drawing, preparing the pattern, measuring, tearing the fabric, sewing each piece, going through the quality process... a very magical process for us. A work by and for women that is carried out with expert hands, a lot of love and taking care of every detail, a process that culminates in a piece with a unique and irreplaceable character.

To create them, Carolina Otaduy is inspired by different moments, experiences, and even feelings, dresses specially designed for brides with personality who really want to be themselves on their wedding day.



It is not another story of love. It's your love story. Imperfect, special, different from how you had imagined it and, in reality, much better.

And there you are. It's the big day and everyone has come. The people you love. The people who love you.

And, of course, as nervous as you, that he or she that has made all this mess worthwhile. And you want me to see you and think exactly that. That it was worth it. But most of all you want me to see you. To you. Not a cold mannequin, not a girl encased in a pompous dress, not the woman your mother or father expects you to be.

Only you. In your promised princess version, delicate and light. Or maybe like my girl's beast, defiant, elegant and mischievous...

Because yes, you can go as you want. In white and with your leather boots, with braids and a crown of flowers in your hair, with a satin or lace dress, with a bare back, or your nails painted black.

It's your day. And the rules are set by you. Or better, you. Because this is a story of two. A story that began with your first 'I love you' and now continues with that 'yes, I do' which, like most good things, is a little scary. But you know that, also as almost always, it is worth the risk.


Carolina Otaduy

Carolina Otaduy, born in San Sebastian with a restless spirit that has taken her to travel around the world and live for a while in New York, where she began to develop the idea of ​​creating her own fashion brand for brides, Otaduy.

With a very personal aesthetic universe, in which the non-conformist spirit of grunge is mixed with the ability to appreciate all forms of beauty and to capture new trends, Carolina has always stood out for her creativity. After studying publicity and working for several years at an independent record label - music is one of his great passions -, in 2011 he launched Otaduy. A very personal project in which, as a designer, she has been able to create her own universe marked by her sensitivity and courage, her search for serenity and her attraction to risk. A lover of surfing and yoga, of nature and of the beating heart of cities, her designs, like her, are full of nuances and conceived for a strong and at the same time sensitive woman.



We believe in a world in which caring for the planet is the basis on which to build a more humane, ethical and sustainable future. We strive, day by day, to create timeless garments, respecting nature and contributing to the community.

We know that we are not perfect, but we work for and to improve our processes. We want each of our #lovewarriors to feel proud of wearing an OTADUY, not only for the art of haute couture, but also for the values ​​that comprise the brand.