wedding_dresses_otaduy_handmade_01One of my favorite things Otaduy is the fact that all the dresses are handmade in our atelier of Barcelona. It is such a beautiful and special thing to know that someone cut and drew up a dress especially for you, that they took the measures and prepared the dress for you, every detail always thinking of you. And with “fast fashion” moving as “fast” as it is, it’s difficult for the art of making things by hand to maintain itself alive, but these brands, like Otaduy, who are committed to keeping things personal and close things that make custom made fashion to remains alive. In addition to supporting this slow fashion, in Otaduy we believe that contrary to do things in quantity and super fast, it is better to make quality and durable products, with good materials that respect the environment.

For Carolina, making a handmade dress is a ritual: drawing the dress, measuring, preparing the pattern, tearing the fabric, attaching each piece … all a thorough process until the bride dress is worn happily.wedding_dresses_otaduy_handmade_02A job that involves us behind Otaduy, all of us working for you to take a dress made specially for you.

I hope you enjoyed the scoop inside our creation process! See you next Wednesday!



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