5 Instagram accounts that inspire us

Instagram is a great source of inspiration for everything and everyone. In Otaduy we not only love wedding dresses and the bridal world. We are also passionate about everything that surrounds us. That’s why we want to share with you 5 Instagram accounts that we think will be as interesting and inspiring as we are.

“Inspiration exists, but it must find yourself working” These words of Pablo Picasso are absolutely right. it comes but if it is undoubtedly essential to be constant in your work to attract or develop it.

The creation process is one of the most complex, involving dozens of elements that in one way or another fit together. Finding how they fit is the hardest thing. That’s why creators and artists always drink from new inspiration. Not only to create their work but a style to connect in a vital way. Carolina Otaduy, our creative director, and all the team have different styles and tastes. But we do share many constants that connect us: passion for fashion, details, a healthy lifestyle … We propose some of the accounts that we like in Instagram. It’s true, there are dozens that we follow, but this is a well-taken care of selection.

If you like it, we’ll do the second part!

1.Linda Rodin @lindaandwinks

Linda Rodin is a professional in the world of fashion and also has her own luxury cosmetics firm Rodin Olio Lusso. Her 68 years old feel luxurious. Rodin is the example that age is just a number. We love her daring, transgressive and classic style at the same time. Do not forget to visit her 100% natural cosmetics firm. Her new project? Linda and Winks, where she has merged her love and good taste for fashion with accessories for animals.


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Winks in Mellow Yellow 💛💚💛💚💛 www.lindaandwinks.com. Shot by @michaelwilliamsphoto. #levi’s. Vintage 501’s always

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2. Charity Water @charitywater

This NGO creates projects to bring drinking water to developing communities. It was created in 2011 and for 13 years has supported more than 27 countries between Africa and Asia.

3. Johan Lolos @lebackpacker

The account of Lolos make you want to travel to the wildest and most recondite side of the world. He is a professional photographer and although he has his native Belgium as a base, he travels all over the globe accompanied by his camera collaborating with different brands in different projects. The last one is called Peaks of Europe and travelled 17 countries in 5 months.


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New adventures await.

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4. Miranda Makaroff @mirandamakaroff

Known by all, Miranda Makaroff is a versatile artist to whom there is no task that frightens her (or is bad at). Fashion designer, DJ and actress can also be considered an artist in general. She has worked with big brands as an image and has launched a collaboration with her mother, the fashion designer Lydia Delgado.


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@lydiadelgado_ 🌸 @ana_sting

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5. Jonna Jinton @jonnajinton

This 29-year-old Swedish woman lives in the forests of northern Sweden. She is well known for being a Kulning expertise. Kulning are traditional melodies to attract flocks and scare predators. In her Youtube videos you can see how their songs attract cows. She also has her own brand of artisan jewellery with her husband. She is a great photographer too, as seen in her Instagram.

¿Which are your favourite Instagram accounts? Follow @otaduy to look for more inspiration!

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