Today I’m telling you a little about one of the dresses of the new collection, as I mentioned in the first post, each dressed in the new “I Do” collection is named after a woman who inspires us, in this case we have a super trio: GRACE + TAVI + LISE . The fact that this dress is a combination of women strong and vital but so different is one of my favorite features of it, I feel that the dress tells me that all women, with our own and so different personality and tastes, are strong and beautiful in our own way. Carolina, our designer, is always making emphasis in women empowerment, and I’m loving discovering the admiring women behind the new collection.wedding_dresses_tavi_lise_otaduy_01An actress turned princess, a 12 year old girl who starts a blog -and makes it work, although many did not believe in her- and a physician that helped in the discovery of nuclear fusion; all these women inspire the pieces you’re seeing.

Let’s divide this threesome for a moment and talk about each one separetly; Grace Kelly was an Oscar-winning actress, which became Princess of Monaco, the American dream in all it’s glory. Who does not know Grace Kelly? It is the classic reference elegant and graceful woman, and she’s also in all the classic chick flicks that have listed all to see. Beyond its role as an actress, which got her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grace managed to help Monaco revitalize increasing the number of tourists, that means money, in addition to her role as president of the red cross, which promoted an annual charity gala that earned relevance and helped to improve the hospitals in Monaco.wedding_dresses_tavi_lise_otaduy_05wedding_dresses_tavi_lise_otaduy_03Tavi Gevinson, on the other hand, appeared on the map with only 12 years old with her own blog, Style Rookie, now is also editor of her own magazine, Rookie Magazine, and actress. With only 12 years she began receiving invitations to fashion week in Paris and New York and other shows from which we all dream about getting invitations, she received many negative comments and many people said that the sudden success of would march as soon as it came, this as we know, was not true, and she has continued to write on topics of relevance and working on personal projects.wedding_dresses_tavi_lise_otaduy_04The third woman who inspires this set is Lise Meitner, who is often considered one of the clearest examples that the Nobel committee ignored scientific findings made by women. Lise studied at the Universities of Vienna where she obtained her doctorate in 1907 and then she enrolled in Berlin to follow lessons of Max Planck and remained with Otto Hahn in an investigation that lasted more than thirty years, in which they discovered the protactinium in 1918. She was a professor at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the University of Berlin for 7 years. She is known for her research on atomic theory and radioactivity, however despite her great contribution to the discovery of the melting point, which was Nobel Prize of Chemistry,  she was never recognized as coauthor for being a woman.wedding_dresses_tavi_lise_otaduy_02wedding_dresses_tavi_lise_otaduy_06And so ends the story today about the lives of three different but equally inspiring women, each a hero of his time.

I hope you will be enjoying my little history lessons I’m learning a lot!



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