#REALBRIDES: Chiara & Raffaele

#REALBRIDES: Chiara & Raffaele

I'm Chiara and my husband is Raffaele, we are from Milan, Italy and we are both 29 years old, almost 30. We met in September 2015 at the University on our graduation day (randomly same date, same hour and same room). During the next few days, we started our Master of Science in Management, with some friends in common and we got to know each other better and better, also travelling a lot with this group of friends (10 people, same hostel room in Copenhagen was pretty hilarious). 
We fell in love in Valencia, in March 2017: first date, first kiss and the moment when we both understood that we were meant to be together. Back in Italy we graduated, got a job, and started living together, always supporting and taking care of each other (also in our 60mq2 in Covid lockdown ;)). 
In occasion of the fourth anniversary of Valencia's first kiss (March 2021), he arranged a dinner at our house, with a private chef and at the end, when there were just the two of us, he proposed to me! I'm so grateful to have him in my life, he is amazing, handsome and charismatic; he is absolutely the love of my life, since day 1.
We organized our wedding by ourselves, identifying suppliers that represented us the most, with the right vibes: flowers, photographer, location, music and for sure the dress. My photographer (@PaolaLattarini, amazing photo btw) suggested me to take a look at the selection of dresses at Ariel Spose atelier and I fell in love with Ilaria and her great showroom. Among all the other brands I think that Otaduy, with its simplicity / minimalism and at the same time with interesting and original shapes, completely matched my personality: modern and chic, simple with a twist. 
Our wedding day was so much fun, full of emotions and everything was so much us (except for the rainy day but who cares? If life gives you rain, dance in it ;)). We were surrendered by the love of our families and friends, as well as the passion of all our suppliers (a particular mention to our floral designer, @floresymargarita, an amazing talented young woman and my dear friend). We have such great memories!


Couple @chiarabertolli & @rafffone

Photographer @paola_lattarini_photographer

Retail @ariel_spose

Groom styled by @edo_pizzi @suitsupply





@giuliagagliano.mua & blbsmanagement



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