Behind the scenes

One of my favourites things about working in a fashion company is photo shootings. If you have been working on one, you will know that the days are very tiring and with a lot of stress (¡there are a lot of things to do in the last minute), but at the same time is enjoyable and exciting.

We were fortunate to have a dream team with whom we work very well and we spend a few days between laughs and good vibes. Nieves and Cecilia, from Días de Vino y Rosas, took the photos and Itziar Obregozo record the fashion film that has hypnotized us. The make up and hairstyle was made by with Sergio Esche, and the styling by Sylvia Bonet. Laura Tollesón and Sofia Farre get the perfect vibe to our designs inspired by the disco era, the glam and New York in the 70s.


Carolina Otaduy did the shooting creative direction. She looked that all the details were in the right place and decided all the last minute decisions to transmit the Otaduy spirit.

This is the video made by Itzi that shows how we spent the day. We love to share these moments with you.



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